I love Diet Coke  - especially if it's dirty!

Real Mexican Food is my weakness  - chips and salsa anyone?

I ran 13.1 miles twice  - what was I thinking?  at least I got a medal!

A hot bath with lavender oil is my definition of relaxation.

Nothing Bundt Cake is my weakness - White Chocolate Raspberry, anyone?

I Believe in Jesus Christ. He is my Savior, and died for me

My son is my favorite child  - he's also my only child, so it's fair!

I'm thankful for my guardian angel, my mamma, who watches over me daily.

CANCER SUCKS!! I stand up for Cancer, do you?

5 brothers, a sister, and 21 nieces and nephews - I know a thing or two about kids!

I document my life so when I get older, I can read about it! "It's basically a Notebook situation over here!"

I bend so I don't break! - Yoga and Meditation help me be flexible!!

Chicago has the best food!! I can't EVER move away from Portillos!

"Doubt Not, Fear Not" - that's my motto

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